The Baby Boomers Generation spawned two sub-groups. The Revolutionaries, AKA Hippies, of the 60’s and 70’s and the Career Climbers, AKA Yuppies of the 70’s and 80’s.

Born: 1946-1964
Numbers: 65.6 million living; ages 52-70
Music: Rock and Roll, Soul
Education level: The Baby Boomers were the first generations to have the majority of its members make it to college. The average education level is 1-3 years of higher education.
Work: Most jobs among the Boomers are white collar. While they tended to keep their career of choice throughout their work history, they changed jobs on average 11 times in that career.
Cash Flow: The Baby Boomers coined the term ‘disposable income’. However they fared only slightly better than their previous generation, even though most households now had two incomes. Buy it now and use credit.
Retirement: Retirement for the Baby Boomer meant enjoying life after the kids were gone. So far the average age for retirement for Boomers is 65, however it is creeping up as more and more boomers put off retirement.
Claim to fame: The Scientific and Technology Revolution put much advancement in the palms of our hands, literally.
The Baby Boomers are multi taskers – Make Love not war; Divorce – don’t mind if I do. Boomers accepted multi-racial, homosexuality, single parent families, broken homes, un-wed mothers, AIDS, and gang related violence as everyday life.
Right on Boomers! From Indoff Interior Solutions.

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