“Community Service is sometimes looked at with scepticism and for good reason since selfish motives can drive our actions. The bigger picture is the huge impact that is made when we remove ourselves from what others think and acknowledge the truths in the motivation. Truths like the genuine desire to help those who don’t have a voice, who are forgotten, and may not have the opportunities that we are fortunate to experience.


It is our intent that as our company grows that our contributions will also increase. We are excited to support the efforts of local organizations like Homeward Bound, Mainstay and Goodwill.


We would invite you, if you are not currently involved with a charity, to consider giving to these great organizations. Ultimately, we are in this together. This is our community.”


Let’s make it a better place for all,


Indoff Interior Solutions Team

Looking Homeward: the 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness in Asheville and Buncombe County in 2005, Homeward Bound was the first agency to realign its programs with the best practices promoted by the plan. Asheville’s 10-year plan, like others across the country, encourages implementation of the Housing First model, proven to be the most effective, cost-efficient, sustainable, and humane intervention to homelessness.

Since shifting its focus to housing, Homeward Bound has helped move over 1079 people into their own homes, and 89% of them are still stable in their housing. Homeward Bound’s mission is working with others to end the cycle of homelessness.

To learn on how you can get involved please visit their website by clicking on the logo above.

Mainstay is committed to helping victims of domestic violence in Henderson County acquire the information and skills necessary to take control over the decisions affecting their lives.

Mainstay programs are designed to assist victims in finding the resources within themselves and in the community to help them make decisions and to achieve their individual goals.

All services are available not only to residents of Mainstay’s Shelter but to the community as a whole.

To learn more how you can get involved please visit their website by clicking on the logo above.

Goodwill is many things. They are a donor-driven agency. They are a retailer. They are a contract Services operation and a major recycle of textiles.

But most importantly, they are a leader in workforce development services. Through classes, training, and work experience offered at their Workforce Development Centers, people develop the marketable skills they need to obtain and maintain meaningful employment. 

To learn more how you can also get involved please visit their website by clicking on the logo above.

Update: 2016 Louisiana Floods

Indoff Interior Solutions with the help of Carpet One Asheville and the amazing students and staff at North Buncombe High School collected donated school supplies for several weeks. On November 12, 2016, Greg Plank (Emma Plank’s husband) loaded 23 boxes of donated items from NBHS and drove 12 hours to Livingston Parish, Louisiana. Greg Plank delivered them on Monday! Thanks to all who contributed to this wonderful cause and continued prayers to all those affected by these historic floods!


Update: Christmas 2016

Indoff Interior Solutions volunteered at Enka Intermediate School. We spent a wonderful Friday afternoon with students assisting them in designing a Christmas ornament. Students had three options to choose from with Indoff Interior Solutions providing the tools needed to make a beautiful ornament to take home and share with their families.