Over the past few years the foot print of the workplace has undergone a significant size alteration – apparently “less is more” holds true for the space one is expected to perform everyday tasks within.  Panels (if they exist at all) have lowered.  Work surfaces are shrinking.  Private office space is decreasing, and conference rooms, what few are left are dual and tri purpose.  About the only thing not dwindling is the amount of work we’re all still expected to accomplish in these diminutive spaces.

New Office Experience

A few forward thinking manufacturers have introduced semi-private enclosures for two – six individuals to collaborate, have a conversation, meet or just tuck away out of the din of the free-for-all known as the “New Open Office Experience”

Cozy-Up and Meet Safco Privacy Cove

Safco introduces their Privacy Cove – a ligh weight metal frame with a two-way streach fabric that creates a semi-private space in an open area. 

Cozy Up - And Meet People in Conference


Palmer Hamilton Hive creates many high style options for conferencing spaces.

Give a look at their video.   


Plethora Conference space

Allermuir offers a plethora of configurations with Haven

Cozy up-And Meet Arcadia Co-Op


Last, but certainly not least Arcadia introduces their version called Co-Op.

The video is not to be missed.







Indoff Interior Solutions wishes you inspired collaborations.

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