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Myth Busters!

Myth #1 - I Can’t Afford A Designer!

Hiring a designer takes the pressure off the client and adds confidence, while allowing them to focus on their business and areas of expertise, which actually saves them time and money.

Myth #2 - Designers select expensive items!

Great designers are invaluable at helping clients establish a realistic project budget and stick to it.  Designers have a wealth of resources to pull from and negotiate the best pricing on behalf of their clients.

Myth #3 - Designers are “Divas”!

Great Designers are tremendous coaches and team players, and most importantly efficiency experts.  If that translates into “Diva”, so be it!

Myth #4 - Design is simple. Anyone can do it.

Design can be very complex and is much more than selecting finishes.  It requires an understanding of the complete project process as well as corporate image and how people work.  Designers bring an expertise that comes with years of experience and the successful completion of countless projects.

Myth #5 - Design is just about how things look

Great Designers understand how to create an image and how it affects employee morale, work efficiencies  while maximizing real estate and resources.

Myth #6 - Fear of losing corporate image or identity

Designers can seamlessly bring design elements together to create a holistic feeling.  They incorporate subtle nuances that translates into an excellent interpretation of the client’s corporate image.

Myth #7 - Designers complicate things!

What feels complicated in adding a designer brings a unique perspective and level of experience to achieve the optimal outcome for the project.

Myth #8 - Important Decisions can be made independently.

In all projects, a “ripple effect” can be felt when critical decisions are made in a vacuum without consideration of other trades or people that are affected.  Great designers consider all players, options and outcomes simultaneously, and can guide clients to make the best decisions considering the entire picture.

Myth #9 - Designers are control freaks!

This is mostly true, but with good reason.  Designers are “take charge” individuals who are hired to act on behalf of their clients with their best interest in mind.  Designers understand the best route from point A to point Z.

Myth #10 - Designers are Trendy

While some corporate images require trendy elements, good design should be built on reasonable longevity.  Creative or trendy elements can be introduced on surfaces or areas that can easily be changed or updated relatively in-expensively.

I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Donna Sutton and Indoff Interior Solutions. Donna has been our designer for our new office location. We started with a blank slate in a new location and she has helped it come to life. She has been extremely thorough and creative. I have valued her input and trust her to follow through on details. She is honest and has the client’s best interest in mind. I appreciate that she is “picky” with wanting everything to be right. I feel like a friend rather than a client. donna has a great personality and is fun to work with.

I highly recommend Donna and Indoff Interior Solutions for any job in the office design industry.


Helen Yoder

Manager, DHG Healthcare

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