Part 2 – Seat Height Adjustment

Today’s blog, all about the seat height adjustment of your chair design, you know the up and down thingy.

The height of your seat should allow your feet to rest flat on the floor with your thighs parallel to the floor. Yes, yes you switch from flats to heels to barefoot, and if that adjust the angel of your thighs adjust the height of the chair. If you are vertically challenged, get a footstool, if you are head and shoulders above the rest, get an extended cylinder. Failure to sit this way reduces circulation in your legs and that can lead to all sorts of health issues.

Blog part 2

This complies

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This does not

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Nor does this

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Or this

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And uh….no






Okay so where is the what-cha-ma-doodle to make that happen?

Eight out of ten times the height adjustment paddle is on the right hand side of the chair under the seat edge, right about mid-thigh. One out of ten same place on the left side. That last time out of ten, go fish, check with your source of purchase and – or the manufacturer.

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Most of the time you pull up on this paddle to operate the function; occasionally the paddle slides forward and back. If you are sitting in the chair the chair will go down if Blog part 2 6there is no weight on the seat the chair will go up, simple physics. I find it best to raise the chair all the way up then slowly release or bump the paddle until I get it to the height I desire. Check out this 30 second video.


Happy sitting!

By Donna Sutton, Solutions Specialist