Easter is the oldest most important holiday celebrated by the Christian faith. Easter is also known as Pasch and Resurrection Sunday. Put simply, it is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without Easter there is no Christianity.

But what if you aren’t a Christian or religious at all? Can you still fully embrace this Holy day? Give me one good reason why not.

Easter was originally a pagan feast day geared around renewal and rebirth, celebrating spring. When the early Christians converted Saxons to Christianity, they merged this pagan day with the Christian resurrection holiday to create the Easter we know today. The rabbit is a pagan symbol of fertility and brightly colored eggs represent sunlight and spring. The reason we also hunt eggs, look for mythical rabbits and eat chocolate on this day. I’m not clear on the chocolate thing, but what isn’t better with chocolate?

Welcome spring and all things fresh and new with food and dance.
Celebrate the resurrection of Christ as victory over death.

Bottom line – celebrate Easter any way you choose and have faith that after darkness and cold follows warmth and light.

Happy Easter to all from Indoff Interior Solutions.
Today’s Funny: Silence is golden, unless you have a puppy or a toddler, then it’s suspicious – very, very suspicious.