The Generation X raised a whole new level of consciousness about minorities, to the point of obsession with the individual rights prevailing over the common good.  Particularly when applicable to minority groups.

Here are some interesting facts about Generation X:

Born: 1965-1980

Numbers: 85.5 million; ages 36-51

Music: Reggae and Heavy Metal

Education level: Generation X only slightly surpassed their parents in education. The average education level is 2-4 years of higher education.

Work:  Wide range of job choices, everything from Entrepreneurs to the service industry. On average 7 different career changes.  The first generation to spawn start-up business like popping tick-tacks.

Cash Flow: Generation X are the least financially well-off group of adults living.  It’s the first generation to leave the nest later in life.  They are the most in debt generation, despite dual incomes, and greater parental assistance.

Retirement: Retirement for the Generation X is expected to be just as varied as their lives. Everything from independently wealthy to completely dependent. Generation X is also the first generation to plan for a wind fall via sweepstakes, lotteries and civil suit to sustain their golden years. They are likely to retire at age 50 and younger or 70 and older.

Claim to fame: Brought awareness to AIDS, breast cancer, cancer in general, gay rights, and minority rights. Heralded in the digital age of knowledge.

Generation X are individuals who want to save the neighborhood, not the world.   Don’t find a job to suit, make their own.  Late to marry yet quick to divorce, but make a genuine effort to “be there” for their children.  And most have never owned a phone book.

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Today’s funny:  Teacher: “Could you please pay a little attention?”

Student: “I’m paying as little attention as I possibly can.”