The Generation Z heralds a new age in identity

A record number of births were recorded in the US in 2006, 49% of those born were Hispanic. For the first time since the early 1700’s the most common sur name will not be Smith, but Rodriguez.  The record births far exceeds the baby boomer explosion.  This generation will easily be the largest on record.

Born: after 2001

Numbers: 50 mill so far; ages 0-15

Music: Hip Hop and Pop

Education level: Just getting their feet wet.  With the new math we may never know.

Work:  Unless we bring back child labor this too, is an unknown.  But we have high hopes for them.

Cash Flow: Generation Z is a huge unknown. Currently there are more people living on welfare or substitutes than ever imagined possible.  However, more than $51 billion a year is spent by; (that’s by not on), individuals in their tweens (that would be ages 8-12).   An additional $170 billion is spent on tweens each year by parents, family members and care providers.  61 % have TV’s in their rooms, 35% have Video games, 14 % have DVD players, and 4 million have cell phones.  They’re getting money from somewhere.

Retirement: How do you retire from not working?

Claim to fame: Give them time, surely they’ll find one.

Generation Z is on the brink. They feel entitled, yet have the tools to move past this.  They want more; this can manifest as wasteful or reliant.  Timeout punishments can make for thinkers or advantage takers. Life is experienced on social networks, global connections or isolation?   They post everything on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a shield to hide behind or radical way to reach the masses?

Indoff Interior Solutions hope you Z’ers show us what you’re made of. But it’s your our call.

Today’s funny:          Text from Z’er 1: How do you feel today?

                                    Response from Z’er 2:  I don’t know my emoticon feature is down.