Ever notice that when you sneeze in front of your pets they look like you’ve just upset the universe

The common cold and flu germs are lurking everywhere in commercial spaces, and flu season is heading our way, .but not to worry there are some simple common sense (not that we all have that) things to do to safeguard yourself against the onslaught.

  1. Wipe – Wipe – Wipe According to studies using disinfecting wipes on commonly touched items can reduce your chance of catching the dreaded buggers by up to 90%.  Common items include, telephones, (yes your cell phone too), doorknobs, shopping cart handles, toilet handles, (okay, just wash your hands please!)
  2. Speaking of washing Washing your hands after trips to public spaces like, the grocery store, gym, or department stores. If you can’t wash use hand sanitizer (but don’t overdo the sanitizer) And by the way, saving the trees aside, paper towels are the most sanitary way to dry your hands.
  3. Avoid, When You Can There are some things that you just have to know will carry germs, and avoiding them when possible makes sense, there again, no one ever said we all possess common sense all the time, so here are some reminders.
    • Elevator Buttons – use your Kinkel or your elbow to press them.
    • Public Bathroom Doors – push your way out with a hip or elbow or if it is a pull door, use a paper towel to open the door. And if you must use your bare hand, use the pinky on your non-dominate hand. And please, please, no wet hands, YUCK!
    • Key Pads – you know those things we key in our codes on, let ourselves into the office with, and get money out of teller machines with….see number one above.
    • Speaking of Money – did you know that more than 80% of all money has traces of cocaine on it?  Germs? Need I say more on that?
    • Communal Pens – bring your on to sign recites with and see number one above.
  4. Lastly If you’re young, old, or have a compromised immune system, get a flu shot. No it cannot give you the flu, at least not anymore.  Earlier versions of the flus shot contained small amounts of live flu viruses, today’s versions carry only dead viruses and they cannot give you the flu.  However they are not a grantee against getting the flu.  There are literally thousands of active flu strains out there, and the CDC does it’s best to determine which ones will wreak havoc among us each year and they concoct a cocktail of the most likely  culprits for the vaccine, sometimes they hit sometimes they miss.

Be Safe!

Today’s Funny:        TEACHER: “Glen, how do you spell ‘crocodile’?


TEACHER: “No, that’s wrong.”

GLEN: “Maybe it’s wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.”