Recently some friends and I sat around discussing which generation merited hall of fame status.  Our ages ranged from 14-88.  Surprisingly; or maybe not, all but one generation group touted another generation.

It set me to thinking. What are some comparison facts about the generations?  I did a little research and have generated a blog on each generation just for fun.

Keep in mind these are not my facts or opinions, they are right out of Wikipedia and other similar sources.  Hope you enjoy them.

Born: 1901-1926

Numbers: 4.5 million living; ages 90 and over

Music: Jazz, Ragtime, Blues

Education level: This generation made the most strides in education.  Of the earliest GI Generations only 10% had a high school education.  By the end of the generation nearly 50% had high school educations.

Work:  Other than the Military the largest employers were plants.  However many GI Generations lived and worked on the family farm.

Cash Flow: Fix it up, use it up, make it up, or do without.  With the depression clearly taking its toll, the average income was under $30,000.00.  Yet other than the struggles of the depression, few complained.  Then again, they didn’t have the outlet we have today to whine.

Saved money for a rainy day when they had it.  Avoided debts at all cost….save and buy with cash.

Retirement: They didn’t retire.  They worked until they couldn’t or they dropped.

Claim to fame: They were the generation that saved the world and built a nation.

The GI Generation remembers life without airplanes, radio, and every house with a phone, indoor plumbing, TV, refrigerators, electricity and air conditioning.

I have no idea if they are the greatest generation or not, but they’re one tough group of individuals worthy of respect and admiration.

Thank you GI generation from Indoff Interior Solutions

Today’s funny: From a 1920’s newspaper:

The teacher directed the students to write a brief account of a baseball game as their English assignment.  One young man sat motionless the entire allotted time, scrawling something at the last moment.  “Game called on account of rain.”