Leap Year February 29

Leap year comes but once every four years.  This wonderful accumulation of bits of time from the previous four years gives us one more day this year than last year or next year to do something wonderful and unique.  Not that it has to be on “the day” the 29th of February, just keep in mind that extra time seldom comes our way, and don’t waste it.




Take your favorite person (even if your favorite person is yourself) and go watch a sunset or sunrise. 

Go to the pet store and stock up on furry pets for the year.




A deer leaping off rocks


Take a leap of faith, in someone or something you normally wouldn’t.  Reach out to someone you haven’t been in contact with for years, start that novel you know is inside you.  Be bold, nothing to loose, not even time. 



2 men jumping off a plane


Do something brave.  Sit with a sick friend or stranger for that matter.  Participate in something that helps you see the good in others and the humility in yourself. Jump out of an airoplane, but do wear a parachute!

Bottom line is it doesn’t matter, it’s your day, do what you want, just make it count!  It will be four years before you get another.  Who knows what will happen in four years.

Happy Leap Year from Indoff Interior Solutions!




Today’s Funny:  I wonder how many men purposely married on February 29th hopping to avoid coughing up an anniversary gift every year.  Well the jokes on them, women don’t think that way!  Nanna BooBoo!