In 2010 the US government began a production phase out of T12 florescent light fixtures.  This ban was completely activated in mid-2014.  Currently, more efforts are underway to ban T8 and T5 and eventually all florescent light fixtures.  This is a ban on the production, not the ownership and use of said fixtures (at least for now).  With hundreds of thousands of florescent fixtures floating above our heads today, what’s the average “SMOE” to do with all that ‘forbidden’ light?

One answer has been and will be to replace the entire fixture with LED comparable fixtures.  At an average LED 2×4 lay-in fixture cost around $125.00; a facility with 100 fixtures would spend $12,500.00 before installation, tax, freight, landfill charges, etc. are tacked on.  Hmmm…pretty expensive proposition.

Another recent option is to replace the lamps only however, since to date those lamps still run through the ballast of the old florescent, it is a temporary fix at best.  Not to mention when the ballast goes, so does the fix.

What’s a business owner to do?

Always Earth Friendly has introduced a true retro lamp that bypasses the florescent ballast creating a permanent solution.  The lamp secures to the existing fixture via magnet, ties directly to the incoming line voltage, and “Voila!” the old Florescent is now LED, for a fraction of the cost.  The real benefit is maintenance (or “SMOE”) can retro the existing fixtures as old lamps burn out – no huge out lay of cash to change all at one time.  Pretty Clever!

Okay so why do it at all (other than someday the government will tell you to)?

  • Up to 70% energy savings per fixture.
  • Reduced maintenance cost – long haul (average florescent life – 20,000 – LED 50,000 – change lamps half as often as before).
  • Better quality of light (lumen output does not diminish as with florescent).
  • Fewer lamps per fixture for same light lumen.
  • (dah-ditty-dah) Utility and government rebates.

Want more information contact us at Indoff Interior solutions

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