The Mature/Silent Generation were too young to fully comprehend the depression, most dodged it entirely.  They were too young to fight in WWII, and too old to fight in the Vietnam War.  But held to the stability generated by their predecessors.

Born: 1927-1945

Numbers: 26.2 million living; ages 71-89

Music: Big Band, Swing

Education level: The vast majority of this generation had high school diplomas, a fair amount some college.

Work:  The most prevalent job of the generation was Blue Collar with good retirement pensions. They took a job, kept that job for thirty years or more.

Cash Flow: The richest, most free spending retirees in history.  Average house hold income was in the $50,000.00 range.  All of this on a single income; as most women stayed at home taking care of the children.

Retirement: The average retirement age was 62, and the prevailing thought was to sit in a rocking chair, living in Peace.

Claim to fame: This generation was the first generation to get serious and hopeful about the Civil Rights movement.

The Mature/Silent generation thrived during a time of suffocating conformity, and postwar uncertainty.  They also ushered in Peace, Suburbs, Television, and Playboy Magazine, and they’re not done yet.

Indoff Interior Solutions salutes the Mature/Silent generation.

Today’s funny: Joke from a 1940 paper:

Teacher: “If I take a potato and divide it into two, then into four parts, then each of the four parts into two parts, what would I have?”

Little Emily;” Potato salad!”